We are called 3d Design London because we are based in London and we started out as 3d designers..  We can be way more imaginative and do a heck of a lot more.

We are not like other 3d design companies! We are a small group of talented artists and designers. Based in London, UK. Other locations also because of Covid! Our workshop production is not in London but this is why we have excellent couriers and very tired looking team members in vans! Yes really we deliver as well. (Escaping the office is really needed sometimes!!) We love 3d but we love seeing real things sometimes too…!

Our long standing history in 3d has evolved since we first went online back in November 2007. Which means 13 years on we don’t just work locally we now have clients all over the world. Our freelance team grow or shrink for any project giving you the best skilled team at the most cost effective price for experienced professionals. When Fiver and other work websites don’t have what you need? Give us a try, you’ll be surprised what you have available to you via our small creative group.

We actually do physical parts as well, 3d printing and 3d CNC machines are at the ready. Designs and prototypes for interior and exteriors including Product design, Exhibition Pieces, Displays and Props for Film or TV.

Marketing has never been easier now that you have us to help you with making images and video. If it’s our state of the art VR work or our in-house 3d printing and CNC made parts done in-house! YES REALLY!! (we’ll mention this lots because the equipment cost us an arm and a leg!!

Regardless of needing interior visuals, exterior visuals, prototypes or finished actual pieces for any purpose? We can provide a cost effective way of doing so. We can even do short batch production runs and we now have a casting foundry available for larger metal pieces. Most of our client base is other designers and artists needing their ideas produced larger or in materials they don’t have production equipment for.

We make a lot of one off items for designers, corporate groups or private individuals.  From bespoke gifts to chandeliers and robots! Yes really!!

If you have a project in mind? Get in touch today…

Fast affordable marketing images for your website

Some times it’s just a product marketing image needed or a logo. Sometimes it’s both of those plus an important message or tag line.  We have done a lot of this work and video animation for clients who have then asked, “could you get a model of this made”?

We now produce actual items as well. Which we really enjoy doing. It’s one thing to create something from scratch on screen but holding it in your hands is job satisfaction personified….

In-house we have 3d machines to produce in Metal and a wide range of Polymers and Plastics. We work very closely with award winning Metal Fabricators and prototype engineers. They don’t wear white coats but they do drink a lot of tea! These lovely people make us feel like James Bond visiting Q…  One of the reasons we love our job as General 3d Artists / Designers. Much of what we do is a bit secret squirrel! NDA’s are common place and we only allow visits to the workshop if we have worked with you before. This also means you have to have an appointment. Scroll on for more >>>


London based freelance 3d designers. We make 3d models (virtual and physical), 3d animation and all kinds of advertising material for all sorts of different companies, groups charities and individuals. The biggest part of our job is helping clients work out what kind of 3d rendered video or stills they need. From 3d Architecture and 3d Interior design to 3d motion graphics for video advertising and 3d images for website content we really do cover it all..

If you are looking for next level and different then we are your kind of silly workaholic nerds that love a challenge!

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Due to Covid our office is closed, however we are all working from home! We can still talk directly to you via Zoom, Skype or over the phone. Some jobs are even done completely via Whats App or Email (so this situation isn’t really new to us!

Feel free to get in touch with our team. M 0750 8 065 965

Or email matt3dlondon (at) gmail.com

Please note: We are not doing any motion capture or video filming until lock down is over. 3d Animation, 3d stills fabrication/ 3d printing and our workshop team are still making models and prototypes. For the time being due to health and safety rules being in effect any filming or colaboration with other workers has to be carefully thought out and kept to as minimum as far as possible… We have availability from week 2 of February 2021 and some gaps in March 2021 with a number of small projects in the summer months. So plenty of diary space available if you need stuff done.

Stay safe people..     Kind regards from..   3DDL team.