Entrepreneur? How to get a product made? Need something made?

Where to start? Well probably on paper or at a drawing board. Hence the expression, “back to the drawing board”. Once you have the idea in a basic format come to us and we will help it move to the next level.

We’ll make it look swish and cool and edgy! We can offer advice on manufacture, use of materials and we can help with any tech that might need to be incorporated into the next big thing you just came up with.

Eureka moment? No problem we are here to help you get your prototype from the paper page or CAD design you supply us with. We can even help if you don’t have that yet!

Product design and development specialists are waiting to help you to the next level.

3d design and actual things

We have been thinking about doing a 3d product marketing blog for ages! So much so that 5 years have passed since we first came up with the idea! But isn’t it good to know that we are not wasting time on Blogs and getting your work done?

Update!  We got a CNC machine. The 3d printer doesn’t look so lonely now.

Next update:  Covid happened…  We are still making actual things and virtual things.  No filming or motion capture for the time being!

Update: Did we forget to mention we have 3d Motion Capture facilities? We do. However you cannot use them until Lockdown is over! Still worth mentioning though, right?